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SUPER DIAMOND CLEAR is a solvent-based curing and sealing compound specially designed to cure new concrete, assuring proper cement hydration and strength gain, while providing a non-yellowing seal to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete. SUPER DIAMOND CLEAR is particularly suited for curing and sealing exterior architectural concrete, where membrane yellowing is undesirable. SUPER DIAMOND CLEAR can be tinted with Euclid Universal Color Packs, which are available in 33 standard colors.

Features & Benefits

Helps promote development of concrete strength and durability through proper curing
Enhances color and provides gloss to the surface
Will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure
Can be tinted with Euclid Universal Color Packs to even out variegated concrete surfaces

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Driveways & exterior pavements
Walls and columns
Exposed aggregate
Dry shake floors
Curing and sealing decorative concrete

Specifications / Compliances

ASTM C1315, Type 1, Class A
ASTM C309, Type 1, Classes A & B
AASHTO Specification M 148, Type 1, Classes A & B


SUPER DIAMOND CLEAR is packaged in 55 gal (208 L) drums, 5 gal (18.9 L) pails, and in cases of 1 gal (3.8 L) jugs (4 jugs per case).