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Speed Plug


SPEED PLUG is a rapid-setting hydraulic cement compound used to instantly stop running water or seepage in masonry or concrete. SPEED PLUG is ready to use and requires only the addition of water before plugging and sealing active leaks. SPEED PLUG is available in a standard 1-3 minute set time formula, as well as a faster setting 45-second version and a slower setting 3-5 minute formulation.

Features & Benefits

Non-shrinking, non-metallic, and non-corrosive
Initial set in 1 to 3 minutes
Stops running water or seepage leaks
High strength
Controlled expansion
Can be applied underwater

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Concrete and masonry walls and floors
Dams, swimming pools, cisterns, reservoirs, water tanks and manhole repairs


SPEED PLUG is packaged in 20 lb (9.2 kg) pails, 50 lb (22.7 kg) pails, and in cases of 10 lb (4.5 kg) tubs (4 tubs per case).